7 Most Amazing Ancient Architecture

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Proud of what we accomplish in the progress of science and technology. Maybe we think that solar power, wind, and the other is a sophisticated technology that was found by scientists in modern times. But we certainly do not think that the design of similar technology had already been invented by the ancient civilization.

1. Windmills Design

Windmills of ancient Persia is one of the oldest windmills ever built by humans. The windmill was made by the Persian civilization about 3000 years ago. This windmill used to grind grain and pump water.

Windmill persian Ancient
Plant grass tied together to form pads placed on the central axis. The windmill is made with the heart - the heart, because nearly every part made by hand.

Although the mechanism is simple, but the windmills have been known by all other civilizations at that time, and some countries still use this mechanism to in this modern era. In a way, this ancient windmill is the forerunner of modern windmills that are used as wind power.

2. Persian wind tower

Still from the ancient Persian civilization, wind towers or wind tower is used by the people of Persia to the air ventilation system at home - their home. Their ventilation system is much more complicated than the existing ventilation system in our homes.
Windmill persian Ancient

Ventilation systems that they develop at least 2,000 years ago this might only be rivaled by a ventilation system with modern technology. The principle is to use a combination of air pressure differences, and adjustment of environmental climate in the region of Persia.

3. Roman gravity Waterways(Aqueduct)

roman gravity waterway

Ancient Romans also developed a water channel that utilizes gravity to drain the water into all areas of Rome. Besides being used to drain the water, gravity drainage is also used in various community activities, including for water wheels, hydraulic crushing iron ore, and others.

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4. Underground Channel

underground channel ancient on yerusalem

Because Jerusalem is located in the highlands and far from water sources, the city's water needs from underground streams. Society has developed an underground water channel which can still be used up to now, despite tens of thousands of years old.

5. Geothermal Energy Utilization

Ancient Roman civilization have made use of geothermal energy to meet their energy needs. Geothermal energy comes from the Vesuvius volcano, which then heats the water in the surrounding area.

Geothermal Energy Utilization

The heat generated was then used for various things, such as for hot spring, hydraulic, medical needs, and others. If electricity has been found at that time, perhaps the source of this energy can be utilized more widely.

6. Solar Energy Utilization

Utilization of solar energy has been discovered by the ancient Greek civilization. If we use solar cells as power plants, the ancient Greeks used it as a backup heat during winter.

Solar Energy Utilization

The concept is so simple, they make the building facing toward the sun, and the entire building is designed like that to capture as much sunlight - much in the daytime because the sun is lower than their roof.

When in the evening, the entire Roman civilization a step further by adding glass to absorb the sun's heat to maximum. It turned out that the utilization of solar energy has been there for a long time yes.

7. Cliff Palace

A place called Cliff Palace is located in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. This unique building was built by North American society in the ancient times. This unique construction design has a purpose as the cooling of the hot sun at the time.

cliff palace

       We can not underestimate just buildings the ancient times. Sometimes, with modern technology, though, may not necessarily result in similar buildings with similar functions as well. Ancient architecture was remarkable, indicating that the achievement of science in those days quite advanced.

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